I am so happy the universe brought us together.

My name is Sara B. and I am the creator behind The Intuitive Creative. I started The Intuitive Creative to combine my passions for creativity and spirituality. My mission is to help people connect with their inner creative, and use that creativity to create an aligned life.

From a young age, I knew that art was my calling. I have always found joy and meaning in the act of creating and it has been a constant source of passion throughout my life. I always felt proud to be an artist and confident in sharing my work, but there was always a strong passion of mine that I kept to myself and that was spirituality.

It wasn't until I began to embrace this side of myself and delve deeper into my spirituality, that I fully understood the true power of creativity. Through years of personal exploration and spiritual awakenings, I discovered that art and spirituality are inherently intertwined, and that by combining my two passions I found my purpose.

Now, as an intuitive creative, I am passionate about helping others discover this same connection. By sharing my knowledge and experience, I hope to inspire others to tap into their own creativity and spirituality. Through my creative courses, creating meaningful art, and having conversations with like-minded souls, I believe I am doing just that:)